We help strengthen national and state health systems and improve the performance of complex health organizations.


We act in partnership with foundations, governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and healthcare companies to address urgent public healthcare challenges affecting some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. Our specific areas of core competence are:


  1. Policy/Program Development Implementation and Evaluation

We use evidence and participatory approach to design context-appropriate and implementable policies and strategies. We use the best practices and principle of co-production to design public health interventions. We also involve experts from a variety of backgrounds to gain many different perspectives on appropriate intervention concepts and designs to produce high-quality products and policies.


We use multiple intervention approach, such as combining program and policy interventions, for a single health issue. We also use interventions that address multiple development issues at the same time, which is more effective than addressing each single issue separately


We develop a systematic framework for the evaluation of program impact, institutional capacity and organizational performance. We use advanced techniques to measure progress in health systems performance through increased use of evidence-based tools and innovative measurement techniques.


  1. Capacity Building

We build the operational and management capacities and improve performance of public and private organizations to enable them to achieve their mandates.


  1. Operational Research

We support organizations to collect and use the best available efficient and cost effective data for measuring progress, identifying issues, improving allocative efficiency and making programmatic decision. We carry out interdisciplinary research, focusing on the relationship between various sectors such as economic development and health. We also support organizations to build management system which supports knowledge sharing; peer learning and vertical transmission of knowledge


  1. Translating Evidence to Policy and Practice

We generate and use evidence for decision making in the areas of policy making, institutional reform, and intra and inter sectoral coordination/collaboration; as well as accountability mechanism design. The complexities associated with behavioural change at an individual, team, organizational and system level have led DGI Consult to develop tailored, multifaceted strategies to provide the most effective approach to knowledge translation.


  1. Domestic Resource Mobilization

We support government at the federal and state levels to mobilize domestic resources and improve efficiency of spending — to reduce financial barriers and expand access to care.


  1. Intra-sectoral Coordination and Inter-sectoral Collaboration

Recognizing the interdependent nature of the sustainable development goals (SGDs) and the influence of intra- and inter-sectoral partnership in achieving the SDGs, we foster coordination within the departments and agencies in various sectors and collaboration between different sectors at the national and state levels.