• "The major problem is DATA. A lot of interventions centered around combating malaria are practiced nationwide but are not properly tracked due to the poor data system. A lot of the information reported lack accuracy and reliability"
    Luca Brasi
  • "Many faiths do not embrace the idea of contraception and there are so many myths our people have concerning family planning especially with the side effects and the negative implications of users, I once conducted a FGD among artisans and more than 50% of them swore never to use FP because of the belief it encourages promiscuity and weight gain among females"
    Dr. Aderibigbe Adebayo


Feedback from our patients

Ridwan Olowookere
“@Connected_dev and @TrackaNG are already doing a lot in terms of public expenditure tracking. They can do more in the health sector provided a well-defined scope is developed to aid their activities“
Society for Family Health
“……by sensitizing Nigerian citizens to demand affordable and quality healthcare as a criterion for winning elections as opposed to only infrastructural developments"
Ojo Adeniyi
"Advocacy is key to disabuse the mind of people against the commonly held belief that "family planning encourages promiscuity". Relevant government agencies, traditional & religious institutions and other stakeholders should drive this process"

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