Development Governance International Consult (DGI Consult) is a purpose-driven governance and institutional capacity strengthening consulting firm. Strong belief in centrality of robust governance systems, innovations and leadership to solving development challenges across sectors forms the core of our company’s philosophy. Guided by this philosophy and driven by evidence for decision making, DGI Consult delivers state of the art technical assistance and program management through seasoned staff and a network of local and international consultants in the following areas.

1.      Development of evidence based and context appropriate policy framework and operational guide that is sensitive to political economy dynamics and compatible with available and projected institutional capacity for successful implementation;

2.      Generation and synthesis of both technical and political economy evidence for decision making, including:

o    Health financing and health system diagnosis such as Public Expenditure Review (PER), Public Financial Management (PFM) review, Fiscal Space Assessment and Political Economy Assessment;

o    Investment case for health sector, HIV/AIDS and nutrition;

o    Systematic review/meta-analysis and health technology assessments;

o    Developing and applying multilevel modelling for investigation and evidence generation;

o    Application of innovative machine algorithms for identifying the Opportunities for prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases; and,

o    Mining Real-Time social media big data for public health surveillance.

3.      Design of multisectoral accountability framework that defines a model of multisectoral action and accountability for efficient use of resources;

4.      Organizational Development technical assistance to strengthen institutional capacity for implementation of policy and plans; and

5.      Strengthen intra-sectoral coordination and inter-sectoral collaboration in order to foster effectiveness in any given sector.