Given the importance of the media in shaping opinion, sensitizing the populace, and holding policymakers accountable, the UHC 2023 Forum in collaboration with the Nigeria Governors’ Forum Secretariat and Chatham House UK organized a media engagement workshop on 28th June, 2022. The workshop was aimed at leveraging the crucial role of the media in putting UHC on the political front burner ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The workshop recorded the physical and virtual attendance of diverse stakeholders including high-level media personalities, and representatives of government institutions, donor agencies, development partners, and Civil Society Organizations. Through presentations and plenary sessions, the knowledge of the media practitioners was deepened on the concept of UHC, the status of UHC in Nigeria and the role of the media in bridging the gaps. The media practitioners were also acquainted with the content of the citizen-led health agenda developed by the UHC 2023 Forum.

The session also stimulated commitments by the media practitioners toward ensuring that the health agenda translates to improved health care access. Then strategies for engaging the policymakers, leadership and candidates of political parties, and the electorate with the citizen-led health agenda were articulated.

To further strengthen the capacity of the media in health reportage, the UHC 2023 Forum will develop a certificate course to deepen the understanding of media on health policy/issues and integrate media in health care delivery in Nigeria. 

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