A few months after supporting the Yobe State Contributory Health Management Agency (YSCHMA) to conduct a clients satisfaction survey to elicit feedback and gauge the level of satisfaction of its enrollees, DGI Consult has been engaged by the Agency to conduct a fiscal space analysis to identify potential sources of additional funds to subsidize healthcare for the poor and vulnerable population in the state.

Since the establishment of the YSCHMA in 2019, the Agency has made remarkable progress in putting in place necessary institutional, policy, and legal frameworks. Despite the remarkable progress YSCHMA has made in its operations, the vast majority of the informal sector population is yet to be enrolled in the scheme. Expanding health insurance coverage to the informal sector population which includes the poor and vulnerable population will involve expanding the pool of resources to subsidize health insurance for this population segment. In furtherance of this, it is necessary to x-ray the potential additional fiscal room towards expanding health insurance coverage to the poor and vulnerable population.

The FSA will identify possible sources of additional resources using an internationally recognized framework. Findings from the FSA will be used to engage relevant stakeholders on sources where additional resources can be harnessed to expand health insurance coverage to the vulnerable population in Yobe State.

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