As part of efforts geared towards achieving sustainable financing for TB, advocacy actions by DGI Consult through the implementation of the domestic resource mobilization stream of the USAID-funded TB LON 1,2&3 project across 11 states has led to increased funding for TB programs in the states. As a result of the budget advocacy conducted across the 11 states through the engagement of the health and central budget ministries and agencies as well as the legislature, a specific budget was created in the 2022 budget of some of the states where such was inexistent. Also, a substantial increase in budgetary allocation for TB was secured for the 2022 fiscal year in eight out of the eleven states.   

DGI Consult is currently working closely with the State TB and Leprosy Programs to make requisitions for the allocated funds, and the requisition memos are at various levels of approval. High-level advocacy is ongoing in the 11 states to facilitate the prompt and complete release of the funds.

In addition to mobilizing the government’s resources for TB, DGI Consult is exploring private sector contributions to expand the pool of resources for TB programs across the states. Mapping of the viable private organizations in the States has been conducted and the identified private entities are currently being engaged to harness their contributions. DGI is also working closely with the State Operations Coordinating Unit (SOCU) in the States to enlist vulnerable TB patients on the social register to enable them to benefit from the states’ equity fund while intensifying high-level advocacy in the states to facilitate the release of equity fund to the SSHIS.

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