Evidence from the past nine years of FP commodity financing showed that donors account for more than 70% of all funds used for FP commodity procurement in the country. The funding gap widens as demand for FP services increases. In the quest for improving funding for FP commodity procurement, DGI Consult was engaged by Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to conduct a fiscal space assessment for FP commodity at the national level and in Lagos and Kaduna State.

Based on the findings from the FSA, mechanisms through which additional fiscal space can be created for FP commodity procurement were identified across the 3 sites. predictive domestic financing  scenarios and the impacts of each scenario in bridging the gap in FP commodity financing were developed.

Also, potential mechanisms for collaboration to crowd in private sector investment and expertise for additional fiscal space for FP were designed across the 3 sites.

Findings and recommendations from the analysis were disseminated to relevant stakeholders at the national and state levels through physical and virtual engagements. Efforts are currently in place to ensure the recommendations are translated into implementable policy thrusts that could redefine the FP financing narrative in Nigeria.

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