UHC-related policy thrusts like any other social policy often suffer implementation setbacks at the grassroots due to lack of capacity and ownership at that level. The LGAs have important roles to play in the implementation of public policies being the closest tier of government to the citizenry but they hardly feature in the design and implementation of such policy thrusts.

DGI Consult with funding from Christian Aid is set to reverse the trend through the implementation of its LGA-UHC Initiative, which is aimed at promoting equitable access to basic healthcare for the poor and vulnerable citizens. This will include: (a) purchasing health insurance for some poor and vulnerable people; (b) accelerating enrolment on BHCPF and SSHIS; (c) promoting innovative approach for resource mobilization to expand health insurance coverage to the vulnerable and marginalized people; and (d) strengthening the capacity of communities to hold policymakers and political class accountable for the implementation of pro-UHC policy thrusts. The existing organizations and community structures that are presently involved in UHC-related activities in the selected LGA  will be leveraged to further strengthen the initiative and ensure sustainability. Implementation of the initiative will commence in Keffi LGA of Nasarawa State, with an ambitious target of achieving UHC goals at the grassroots level.

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