Towards achieving sustainable financing for TB in supported states, DGI Consult with funding from USAID TB LON3 project supported each of Oyo, Ogun, and Lagos States’ Health Insurance Agencies to develop a roadmap for integration of TB services into their respective benefits package.

The integration roadmaps were developed alongside coverage trajectories that describe trajectory of coverage along population, service and cost expansion for TB service delivery through SSHISs. The integration roadmaps and coverage trajectories developed through a participatory approach have identified clear course of action needed for successful integration of TB services into the SSHIS benefits package and service delivery.

At a two-day workshop organized to design the integration roadmaps and coverage trajectories, members of State Health Insurance Agencies and State TB and Leprosy Control Programs from the three States met with the technical team of DGI Consult to develop the two documents based on context of their respective State.

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