• One of the discharged survivors who tested positive for coronavirus has recounted her experience inside the isolation centre in Lagos State after she was given a clean bill of health yesterday, March 30.

  • The lady, Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi, Executive Director, StandtoEndRape, who wrote of her experience on her twitter handle, @AyodejiOsowobi, said she contracted the disease during a post-Commonwealth event in the United Kingdom earlier this month.

  • Displaying various photographs of what she went through in the Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba, Osowobi said, for now, she had conquered coronavirus. She encouraged all Nigerians to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Osowobi said days after her return from the Commonwealth event was tough as she fell ill after which she was tested positive for COVID-19. According to her, she lost her appetite, and was stooling and vomiting.

  • She said: “Life finds ways of throwing lemon at me. I have struggled with coming forward, but I want to inspire hope. I returned to Nigeria from the UK post-Commonwealth event (I totally enjoyed) and fell ill. As a responsible person, I self-isolated. Days after, I tested positive for Covid-19. The next days were tough. No appetite. Nausea, vomit and stooling were unbearable. I’m a blood type A and COVID19 dealt with me.

  • “I thought I was going to die and contemplated a succession plan for StandtoEndRape. I was on drugs daily. Sometimes, I had taken eight tablets in the morning, 13 tablets in the afternoon, 10 at night. My system threw everything out! Water, food, soap and all disgusted me. But I had to look at the wall and force myself to stay hydrated. I fought to live! I fought!!”

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  1. April 17, 2020

    We hope the world will overcome the pandemic soon and activities will become stable again. I give kudos to our health workers, they are amazing.

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